Environment, Health & Safety

Best-in-class environment, health and safety (EHS) systems and processes are at the core of our work

Best-in-class environment, health and safety (EHS) systems and processes are at the core of our work

At the core of our work is a focus on sustainability. We seek to set new benchmarks not only in operational performance, but also in our ability to safeguard the enviroment from any harm. The protection of environment, employees, and public health and safety is on the top of our organisational agenda. Not only do we implement the best EHS standards, but we also strive to continuously improve as regulations and practices in India and the world evolve. Our biggest advantage is the learning through audits by global pharma and biotech organizations that helps us validate our EHS practices and facilitate further improvements.

Certifications, Audits and Awards
  • Certified under EMS (ISO 14001: 2015) & OHSMS (OHSAS 18001: 2007)
  • Sites are audited by global customers at periodic intervals
  • Secured National Safety Awards multiple times (2012, 2014, 2015 & 2016) from the Government of India & the National Safety Council
  • Occupational Health Centre with ambulance facility
  • First-aid fire fighting, fire alarm, fire suppression (hydrant, powder & gas), multi-purpose fire tender with fire crew and emergency response & preparedness
  • Centrally deployed EHS system with EHS policy, manuals, SOPs and formats
  • Joint safety teams running various initiatives led by EHS; change control system has necessary concurrence by EHS
  • Process Safety Management Program in place (Process Safety testing, PSSR, SDS, Management of Change, equipment inertization etc.)
  • Industrial hygiene program (exposure risk); respiratory & non-respiratory PPE programs
  • Hazardous Area Classification, Permit to Work System, LOTO & Operational Control Procedures, EHS Audits/ Inspections, Incident Reporting and Investigation
Workshops and Events
  • Training & Awareness: Induction, Job specific, Behavioural, Scheduled, Un-scheduled. Awareness through workshops, displays, newsletters and bulletins
  • EHS committee meetings, Management Review Meetings, town hall meetings. Celebrate National Safety Day and World Environment Day

EHS Initiatives

  • All manufacturing facilities are enclosed buildings with 5 Micron forced ventilation. Product isolation areas are ISO Class 8.
  • Activity based risk assessment and HAZOP are peformed. Appropiate scrubbing systems are in place.
  • Closed handling of solvents through DCS control system
  • All reactors are equipped with sprinkler & independent power flooding systems
  • Solvent tanks are installed in RCC constructed area with auto-sprinkler systems
  • Facilities have their own multipurpose fire tender along with skilled crew
  • All sites are equipped with Occupational Health centre, ambulance and necessary tie-ups with nearby hospitals. Annual/bi-annual health monitoring is performed for all employees.

Rigorous Process Safety Evaluation for handling Hazardous Chemistry

Laurus Synthesis ensures effective management of chemical risks, thermal runaway and power handling hazards through deployment of comprehensive process safety procedures. Every process that is scaled up in our plant goes through a rigorous process safety evaluation to understand the risks and to have the right process controls in place.

  • Team of chemical engineers capable of independently generting all necessary process safety data from reaction safety to powder safety
  • Capability to handle process safety studies (hazard assessment) & risk analysis; Chemical engineers regularly advise the process chemistry & manufacturing groups on scale-up related issues, especially in crystal formation
  • Fully-equipped laboratory with process safety equipments; RC1e, DSC, ARC including power testing and process engineering studies using FBRM and PVM, spray dryer and flow reactor with MixIt software
  • Process engineering lab with automated reactors (Optimax synthesis workstations) to study CPPs (Critical Process Parameters) etc.

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