HP API Manufacture

Combining efficiency and safety in high-potent drug substance manufacturing

Combining Efficiency and Safety in high potent drug substance manufacturing

Laurus Synthesis has proven expertise in the manufacture of high-potent APIs and intermediates, at both pilot and commercial scale. Our dedicated high-potent cGMP manufacturing facilities can support small-scale synthesis as well as commercial-scale manufacturing. The facilities are designed to enable operational containment levels of Occupational Exposure Levels (OEL) <1mg/m3. In total, Laurus has a capacity of >300KL for high-potent drug substance manufacturing (Cytotoxic & steroidal hormones).

Key Features

Dedicated facility with isolated staging area for potent RMs to prevent cross-contamination

Operations under containment for dispensing potent RMs and isolation of potent products

Dedicated storage area in the containment facility (also for cold chain materials)

Best in class advanced packaging operations through isolators

Highly secure waste management processes in line with the guidelines

Fully contained powder processing areas (Sifter, Multi Mill & Micronizer)

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