Welcome, CMC Consultants!

Here at Laurus Synthesis, we recognize that consultants like you have a dynamic set of requirements when it comes to choosing a partner for chemistry services. First and foremost, you need a team that you can count on. People that not only do the job right the first time, but do it in a culture of confidence and cooperation.

Our leadership team understands the challenges you face; in fact, they themselves have faced many of them before in their previous lives within the pharma, biotech and contract services industries. They’ve built an organization designed to navigate these challenges efficiently through brainpower and experience.

Still not convinced that we are the partner of choice for your contract chemistry needs? Then come visit us at our Woburn, MA facilities. We’ll introduce you to the team, show you around our labs and talk about how we can help make your organization shine in the eyes of your sponsor.

Call us today at 781.305.4884 or email us at excellence@laurussynthesis.com to schedule a visit.