cGMP manufacturing facilities designed to meet global quality and regulatory standards

cGMP manufacturing facilities designed to meet global quality standards

The integrated drug development and manufacturing solutions offered by Laurus Synthesis are supported by eight world-class, regulatory-compliant manufacturing facilities—seven located in Visakhapatnam and one facility in Hyderabad (Kilo Lab). Conforming to international safety and manufacturing standards, these plants are well-equipped to manufacture drug substances and drug products that meet global quality standards. The facilities have been audited by various regulatory agencies across the globe. Our facilities include capacity for manufacture of high-potent (cytotoxic & steroidal hormones) and nutraceuticals.

World-class manufacturing facilities


  • >4 Million Ltrs of reactor volume for Drug Substance manufacturing
  • Dedicated facilities for Cytotoxic, Hormonal, Phytochemical
  • Batch sizes ranging from 100 grams to 3 MT output
  • Process Safety Evaluations prior to plant scale production
  • Dedicated unit for Backward Integration of Raw Materials with 244KL capacity spread between 16 reactors
  • >6 billion Oral Solid Capacity for Drug Product manufacturing


  • Heterocyclic chemistry, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Nucleoside chemistry, Chiral synthesis, Pd-Chemistry
  • Hazardous chemistry: Nitrations, Cyanations etc.
  • High Potent Chemistry: OEB3 and OEB4
  • Hydrogenation Capabilities – 100L to 6KL reactors
  • Manufacture of high potency molecules under containment: up to OEL < 1µg/m3

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