Special Capabilities


  • Extensive experience in handling manufacture of Highly-Potent & Cytotoxic APIs & Intermediates both at Pilot scale & commercial scale
  • Dedicated cGMP Containment manufacture capability at all scales: 3-5kg batch size at Hyderabad & 5-300kg batch size atVizag
  • Facilities designed for enabling operational containment levels of OEL <1μg/m3



  • Comprehensive small-molecule chromatographic separation capability up to commercial-scale
  • Conventional column chromatography capability laboratory, pilot and commercial scale
  • Adequate preparatory HPLC expertise & capacities: Lab-scale (100ml /min) to pilot scale (1000ml/ min) (Agilent & Knauer) & Column packers (Novasep & Asahi Kasei)
  • Pilot scale to commercial scale SMB installations - Novasep varicol 6X50mm @ pilot-scale & 5X300mm @ commercial-scale
  • Ultrafiltration systems at development as well as manufacturing scale – (Sartorius Stedim)
  • Track record of evolving solutions for complex of small molecule separations including but not limited to prostaglandins; dendrimers et al


  • Model: Corning advanced flow reactor G1
  • G1 reactor with 5 plates in SiC and 1 plate in Glass
  • Total volume: 53.5 ml
  • Temperature range: -40 to 200C
  • Pressure: 18 bar
  • Flow range: 30 to 200 ml/min
  • It allows process intensification by reducing waste, increasing reaction rate, reducing overall cycle time
  • Micro flow reactors offer high heat transfer area, intense mixing in plug flow- high mass transfer
  • It can handle highly exothermic reactions like nitration, oxidation, reduction, azidation
  • Due to lower reaction time, there is no time for impurity formation- reduces work-up
  • Can handle hazardous chemicals safely as the amount at any time in reactor is very small compared to traditional batch reactor process
  • Can handle highly corrosive reagents (Silicon carbide plates)
  • Reactions under pressure


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