Reaction Optimization and Process Design Tools

Laurus Synthesis is working continuously to improve our process development services and deliver optimized drug chemistry. Most recently, we invested in a suite of specialized reaction optimization and process design equipment that delivers greater speed, improved reliability and more efficient automation of data collection.


Working with our team of process development experts, you will experience enhanced DoE as well as improved process understanding and safety. With our new equipment, there is no longer a need to pause reactions for HPLC analysis since the system provides real-time monitoring. You get faster, more consistent and reproducible results because we can control the many lab variables that can adversely impact reactions. You also have the assurance of improved process safety since the equipment greatly reduces the chances of runaway reactions. What’s more, the ability to see how starting materials are being consumed results in more efficient process development.

The new equipment features:

  • ReactIR 15 for in situ FTIR Spectroscopy
  • ParticleView V819 probe-based microscope to visualize particles and particle mechanisms as they exist in process
  • EasyMax 102 Advanced Synthesis Workstation to optimize new synthetic routes
  • Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM®) to measure particles at full process concentration without the need for sample extraction and sample preparation


Contact us to talk to an experienced Process  Development expert to learn about our newly enhanced capabilities.